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IR Blaster for Android

€5.99 €5.30

The IR Blaster for Android will turn your Android Smartphone into a fully featured universal infrared remote control for all your home appliances, such as TVs, STBs, Air conditioners and many more

SKU: 2300.

Product Description


The IR Blaster for Android will allow you to control the IR controlled appliances in your home or office. The device features an amplified ir transmitter which gives you extra remote control range. Just plug the device to your phone 3.5mm audio jack and  control yout TV, STB, Music devices Air-conditioners and many more.




  • – Extended remote control range 5-8 meters
  • – 3.5mm connection to the Smartphone
  • – Small form factor
  • – Free Application for Android


Package contains:


  • – IR Blaster device for Android – 1pcs
  • – User Manual and App download Link – 1pcs



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