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IR Extender 1 Receiver 4 Emitters


The IR Extender will allow you to extend the IR range of your infrared remote control. Control STB, Music receiver etc, installed behind walls, behind the TV, or in cupboard.

SKU: 6990.

Product Description




The IR Extender is very useful in situations where your STB, Music receiver or any other IR controlled equipment is hidden behind the TV or somewhere behind walls or in a cupboard. The Extender has 1 IR receiver and  4 IR transmitters. When a signal is received via the IR receiver it directly goes to the ir transmitters via the cable and it is immediately emitted.



  • – Length 3m
  • – Power supply via USB-A 5V
  • – Operating frequency 30-60KHz
  • – 3M sticky tape for fixing the transmitters and receiver


Sample usage:

  • – Extend Tv, STB, etc. IR range
  • – Extend IR range for digital signage solutions
  • – Extend range for Irdroid IR products




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