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Irdroid Alarm System

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Do you have a spare or old Android Smartphone collecting dust in your drawer? Make use of it and turn it into an Alarm System that will notify you every time if someone breaks into your home, basement or Cellar, or even in your Car .Why not desk cabinet ,or even desk drawer?

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Product Description


Turn your old phone into Security Alarm System with local and remote notification!


The Irdroid Alarm System is an easy to use Security Alarm System for your Android Smartphone.

The Irdroid Alarm System consist of an App for Android and a magnetic door sensor accessory (the Irdroid AlarmBug) that turns your smartphone into an easy to use smart alarm system for Android.


How it works:

The Irdroid Alarm System App for Android is installed in the user’s smartphone and the Irdroid magnetic door sensor accessory (the Irdroid AlarmBug ) connected to the smartphone via the 3.5mm audio jack. Once someone opens the door/window where the system is installed the user gets notified via email and there is also a local notification with great psychological effect on the intruders (“Security Breach , Police are on their way!”)



  • – Local on-screen notifications
  • – Remote notifications with text and email
  • – Blinking text notifications
  • – Compatible with Android 4.4+
  • – High quality magnetic sensor accessory with a 3.5mm 4 pole Audio Jack connection.
  • – Open source software application for Android
  • – Notification for Open/Close events
  • – Tamper protection (triggers alarm if someone disconnects the accessory)
  • – Easy installation – in less than one minute



System components:

  • – Electromagnetic Sensor Accessory (the Irdroid AlarmBug)
  • – The Irdroid Alarm System App for Android.


System requirements:

  • – Android 4.4 or greater
  • – Android smartphone with Internet connection (WiFi or 3G)
  • – Email address for sending the notifications




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