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Irdroid HDMI Remote Control Kit
Irdroid HDMI Remote Control Kit

Irdroid HDMI Remote Control Kit


Irdroid HDMI Remote control Kit allows you to remotely control 3 port hdmi switch via computer, thanks to the USB Infrared Transceiver modules that comes with the Kit.

SKU: 8978.

Product Description


The Irdroid HDMI Remote control kit allows you to remotely control a HDMI switch by using a computer with MAC / OS X , Windows, Linux or Android. The kit comes with a USB Infrared Transceiver adapter equipped with a 1.5m Infrared extension cable. The USB Infrared Transceiver in the kit can also be used for Infrared task automation, definition of infrared remote control sequences for controlling one or more infrared controlled appliances, such as Audio, Streaming, Recording , Tvs and other devices.



  • – Remote control the HDMI switch via PC/MAC/Android (supports automation)
  • – Remote control other IR appliances, using the USB IR transceiver in the Kit.
  • – Remote Control distance of 10 meters
  • – Infrared Extender cable that comes with the USB IR module
  • – Mini Remote control in the Kit


Package contents:

  • – 3 Port HDMI switch
  • – Irdroid USB Infrared Transceiver
  • – Mini Remote control
  • – User’s Manual



  • – Suitable for Digital signage solutions where input / output automation and remote control
  • – Advertising displays remote control and automation
  • – Home Automation Solutions




Supported Operating Systems:

*The USB Infrared module is supported in Windows 7, 8, 10 , Linux, MAC OS X , Android and Raspberry Pi Raspbian (tested)



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