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irdroid-htpc-universal-infrared-receiver-1 (Custom)
irdroid-htpc-universal-infrared-receiver-1 (Custom)

Irdroid HTPC Infrared Remote Control Receiver for Kodi and alternatives


Control your Kodi / HTPC media center with your TV Remote! The Irdroid-HTPC is a Universal USB Infrared remote control receiver for HTPC media centers.

SKU: 2678.

Product Description


The Irdroid-HTPC is a USB Infrared Remote Control receiver for HTPC media centers such as  KODI, Plex, Emby, OSMC, Jellyfin, Stremio etc. It enumerates on the host system as a standard HID input device (keyboard) and sends keystrokes to the host system based on the pressed TV remote control key. 


Have you ever wondered if there is a way to navigate to the Favourites or Weather menu items via a single button press and to do that with your TV remote?


The Irdroid-HTPC remote control receiver provides that as a built in shortcut. Just program the shortcut by using the unit programming button and assign a button from your TV remote. With our Kodi addon you automatically apply the shortcut mappings for quck access to favourites & Weather, or you can define your own.

By default it comes programmed with Samsung TV remotes but in a manner of seconds you can pair any TV remote brand by using the Programming button on the device (no programming software is required). Once paired the TV remote control codes are stored in the module’s non-volatile eeprom memory and you are ready to take control of your system with the convenience of using a single remote control!




  • – Usb Infrared remote control receiver for your HTPC that supports Kodi, Plex, Emby etc.
  • – Control your HTPC with your TV remote or any other remote
  • – No drivers needed, enumerates as a usb keyboard
  • – Infrared receiver with ultra wide reception angle with great sensitivity
  • – Kodi addon for activating shortcuts for Favourites and Weather via a single button.
  • – Velcro dots for fixing the unit in a position


Supported Operating Systems


  • – GNU Linux
  • – Mac OS X
  • – MS Windows
  • – Android


In addition to the above the module is open source hardware and software , so if you need to do any changes or fork your own version you are free to do so!

Its shipped with the micronucleus bootloader, compatible with the Arduino IDE and in a manner of minutes you can do whatever changes you need by simply plugging the usb cable of the device to your pc and changing the code as per your needs.

Irdroid-HTPC Remote Receiver has a great range and you don’t have to point your remote control directly toward the device it in order to control your media center.


You have the following keystrokes available for remotely controlling your media center:


  • – UP
  • – DOWN
  • – LEFT
  • – RIGHT
  • – OK/Enter
  • – Back
  • – Navigate to Favourites (Can be applied using the Kodi addon)
  • – Navigate to Weather  (Can be applied using the Kodi addon)
  • – Play/Pause


Irdroid HTPC Kodi addon

Irdroid HTPC Kodi addon


With the above you get full control of your HTPC media center and if you need additional keystrokes / more control you can reprogram it by using the Arduino IDE.







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