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Irdroid wifi relay board
irdroid wifi relay boardirdroid wifi relay boardirdroid wifi relay board

Irdroid WiFi Relay Board


The Irdroid WiFi Relay Board will allow you to rapidly develop home Automation systems, based on IP Networks. The Board comes with a complete documentation, open source firmware and open source software for Android and Windows. The irdroid wifi relay board uses a standard Modbus RTU over TCP communications protocol

SKU: 1387.

Product Description


The Irdroid WiFi Relay board is a home automation board that will allow you to rapidly design WiFi home automation systems. The development board has 5 110/240 V 5A Relays which can be controlled wirelessly via the on board WiFi 802.11n WiFi module. The WIFI Relay Board also features a RTC (Real Time Clock) and the current firmware revision of the board will allow you to set on / off schedules for every single relay.These on / off schedules are not dependent on the device connected to the WIFI board. The WiFi Relay Board is powered by 12V 1A DC Power source. Once it is powered on the WiFi module will act as an WiFi 802.11n Access point. Once you connect to it you can use the FREE and Open Source Android App that comes with the board to communicate / trigger the relays and /or to set up on/off schedules for the relays. The relay Board RTC is battery backed up.



-WiFi Relay Board
-Open source App for Android & Windows
-Realtime clock for ON/OFF Schedules
-WiFi 802.11n Router in AP mode
-Open source Firmware
-Modbus RTU Over TCP


Below is a Block Diagram that shows the actual nodes and interfaces of the Relay board

Irdroid WiFi Relay Board Diagram






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