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LoRa Infrared Transmitter Kit


LoRa IR Tansmitter Kit is a Long Range Infrared Transmitter Kit. It allows you to send infrared signals via connection to The Things Network and using their APIs for data communication with various IoT devices.

SKU: 4201.

Product Description


The LoRa IR Transmitter Kit is a long range Infrared Transmitter development kit that allows you to transmit infrared signals by using the LoRaWAN technology and connect to The Things Network Cloud. The Kit is useful in situations where you have a network of infrared controlled displays and players that need remote control, but there is no internet connection available nearby. Every kit is programmed (The Pronto codes are stored in the EEPROM) with the desired PRONTO HEX codes prior to installation on site. The IR codes then can be executed by accessing The Things Network MQTT API and send commands for executing a particular IR code.




  • – Long Range – up to 10km line of sight
  • – Connect to The Things Network Cloud with diverse integrations such as MQTT etc.
  • – Low Power Consumption (can operate on batteries)
  • – High Power (20dBm) RF output power
  • – Options : 868MHz (EU) , 433MHz (US)
  • – High Power IR Leds
  • – Includes Arduino UNO in the kit with enclosure
  • – Includes SX1276 LoRaWAN transceiver shield
  • – Includes Irdroid light shield
  • – Supports Uplink and Downlink messages
  • – Supports Pronto HEX codes¬†


Specifications (modules in the kit):


  • – SX1276 High Power LoRa Radio Transceiver 20dBm
  • – 3dBi ( 5dBi optional ) antenna SMA connector
  • – Arduino UNO R3 in the Kit
  • – Black Enclosure
  • – Irdroino Shield
  • – USB Cable




  • – Digital Signage Systems
  • – Group Remote control and command scheduling for information displays
  • – Electronic Billboard remote control.
  • – Advertisement Displays Remote Control


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