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WiFi to IR Converter
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WiFi to IR Converter

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Use the WiFi to IR converter to control and automate your home IR controlled appliances, control TVs, STBs, Audio Air Conditioners and many more. Works with Android and iOS. Easy setup!

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Product Description

What is it?

The WiFi to IR Converter adapter connect to your home internet router over WiFi and allows you to control and automate almost any home appliance such as TVs, STBs, Music, Air-conditioner and more. The unit comes with a free application available for Android and iOS that allows the user to control TVs, STBs, Music, Air-conditioners from any place in the world over the Internet. With one device you can easily control and automate the IR controlled devices in your home.


How it Works?


The WiFi to IR Converter connects to your home WiFi router in client mode. The module has its own infrared interface (transmitter and receiver interface ) which allows for IR learning and adding infrared devices that are not existing in the device database. The WiFi to IR Converter is paired in three simple steps with your home internet router.Once paired you have to download the App for Android or iOS and the application will allow you to select and configure your air conditioner in the system, using your existing air conditioner remote control. You can use the WiFi to IR converter to turn on/off IR controlled relays and switches (see links to supported external DIY hardware below) . The free app allows you to create custom scenes, naming and scheduling for all the configured devices in the system.




  • – WiFi connection to your home Internet Router
  • – Local and Remote control (from any location in the world)
  • – Extended remote control range (up to 20 meters)
  • – Free Apps for Android and iOS


Example usage:


  • – Remotely turn on/off Air conditioner, set the desired temperature
  • – Turn on / off IR controlled curtains, heaters and many more.


Package contents:


  • – WiFi to IR Converter – 1pcs
  • – User Manual – 1pcs
  • – Micro-USB cable – 1pcs


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Broadlink RM mini 3

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Micro-USB cable

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