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Multi Room Wireless IR Extender
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Wireless IR Extender (200 Meters)


The Irdroid Wireless IR extender allows you to extend the IR range of your infrared remote control. Control STB, Music receiver etc, installed behind walls, behind the TV, or in cupboard, or in other rooms (when greater distance need to be covered).

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Product Description


The Irdroid Wireless IR Extender is very useful in situations where your STB, Music receiver or any other IR controlled equipment is hidden behind the TV or somewhere behind walls, in other rooms or in a cupboard, or when a bigger distance need to be covered (up to 200 meters). The Irdroid Wireless IR Extender has IR receiver and IR transmitter. When a signal is received via the IR receiver it directly goes to the ir transmitter via radio signal link and it is immediatly emmited.



  • – DC 5V power input
  • – Supports 38 and 56 KHz IR signals (selectable via switch)
  • – Small form factor
  • – up to 200 meters range between the transmitter and the receiver
  • – Battery operated option (suitable for stages and big halls for extending IR range)
  • – Ability to Group Receivers for multi-room IR remote control extender
  • – Easy installation


Sample usage:




Demo Setup with the Wireless IR Extender


Example usage with our modules is when for example you are using the irdroid usb irda transceiver / irdroid usb ir transceiver inside of a cabinet. In this case you can use the irdroid usb ir extender to reach the target equipment and extend the IR range.

Another possible example if you have a home automation controller with IR output and you need to control several TVs , STBs in different rooms, then the IR extender can provide a multi-room IR extender solution, by using one IR Transmitter and several IR receivers. (See the picture above).


The pictures above show exhibition hall multi zone infrared extender example and apartment multi room infrared extender example. The above examples allow for centralized display / TV remote control (controlling multiple displays/TVs from a central point with a single remote control)







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