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Irdroid USB IrDA Transceiver


The Irdroid IrDA Transceiver module allows SIR bidirectional data communication at up to 115200 baud per second. Compatible with Linux and Mac OS X

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Product Description


The Irdroid USB IrDA Transceiver module allows a bidirectional DATA communication with IrDA devices, such as a PC <> PC IrDA link, Embedded devices that communicate via IrDA and other devices, at data rates of up to 57600 Baud per second.



– Transmit distance up to 2 meters (LOS)

– Transmit angle up to 30 degrees

– Data rate at 2400, 4800,9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 Baud per second


 Package Contents:

– 1x Irdroid USB IrDA adapter

– 1x USB A extension cable (1 meter)


OS Compatibility:

– Linux

– Mac OS X


Example usage:

– PC to PC IrDA DATA link

– PC to Embedded power meter IrDA link

– PC to Embedded device with IrDA link

*Linux & Mac OS X Driver (build in KS-959 Sir driver)



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