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Extending Infrared Range

Extending Infrared range can be done in two ways – wired or wireless. Depending on what you need to achieve you will have to select wired or wireless connection for extending the IR range of your remote control. The wired infrared extenders takes power supply usually via usb, the extenders have a infrared receiver and infrared transmitter,connected via a cable. The IR receiver is positioned next to the TV, so that it can “capture” IR codes, and the IR transmitter is positioned next to the target equipment to be controlled that is not visible (e.g in a cupboard, behind walls etc).

An example of using a wired infrared extender is when your STB, music receiver is behind the TV, mounted behind the wall or inside a cupboard. In this case a suitable solution would be a wired infrared extender, such as the Irdroid IR extender cable.

 Video Demo

Below is a diagram that shows example configuration with the Irdroid IR Extender cable:

The above solution is suitable for short distances. When longer distances (up to 200 meters) are required then a Wireless Infrared Extender need to be used, such as the Irdroid Wireless Infrared Extender. The wireless infrared extenders are useful for covering bigger distances, when you need to control ir receivers situated in other rooms, or in big halls, shops , or other public places.

Below is a sample diagram of a wireless IR extender:

The benefit of using a wireless ir extender is that you can cover greater distances (up to 200 meters) .


Example usage with our modules is when for example you are using the irdroid usb irda transceiver / irdroid usb ir transceiver inside of a cabinet. In this case you can use the irdroid usb ir extender to reach the target equipment and extend the IR range


You can find a link to our shop below, where you can find our range of IR extenders:


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