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Irdroid-Rpi infrared transceiver for Raspberry Pi

The latest gadget that we are working on is the Irdroid-Rpi Infrared Transceiver HAT / Add-on board for Raspberry Pi. The board provides Infrared Transmitter , Infrared Receiver and UEXT interconnect for Olimex sensors and boards designed with the UEXT connector. The board can be stacked on top of the Rpi board and you could turn your Rpi into a fully functional Infrared remote control for you home infrared consumer electronics. The Irdroid-Rpi is compatible with the LIRC/ Lirc GPIO driver for raspberry Pi and the LIRC utilities for recording and transmitting infrared signals can be used. The Irdroid-Rpi uses a optical IR amplification technique that allows to transmit high power IR signal by signal amplification after the IR light is emitted.

Irdroid-Rpi board features:

  • Infrared Transceiver add-on / HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • Infrared Transmitter @940nm with 10+ meters range
  • Infrared Receiver up to 40khz and 10+ meters of receive range
  • On-board UEXT Interconnect for connecting Olimex sensors and boards.
  • Open source hardware.

The Irdroid-Rpi infrared transceiver for Raspberry Pi is also designed with the possibility to connect sensors and boards from Olimex ( by using the on-board UEXT connector, designed by Olimex. You can check here what sensors are supported .

You can order now (external link) a board below. We will ship within 2 days from placing the order. All the orders are shipped via registered Airmail with a tracking number @ fixed $6

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Price: $19.90



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