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Irdroid Wifi Relay Board – Introduction

Irdroid WiFi Relay BoardThe First presentation of our new product Irdroid Wifi Relay board was carried out at the premises of the hackafe hackerspace in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The Idea of that event was to inspire young people to start working with embeeded hardware and embedded systems programming. The Irdroid Wifi Relay board allows you to control and monitor 5 250V / 5A relays via a Smartphone with Android or IOS or via PC. The Irdroid Wifi Relay board also features a Internet router, working as an Access Point in its default mode. The Irdroid Wifi Relay board can be configured to set ON/OFF schedules , so you can setup a switch ON  / switch OFF timer for every single relay thanks to the build in realtime clock.

At the event we have presented the control and monitor of the Irdroid Wifi Relay board via a Android smartphone and the Irdroid Wifi Relays application for Android.

We have designed the board to use the HLK-RM04 Wifi To Serial Module .The module is based on the RT5350 SoC it has a 16MB RAM and it runs Linux. We have also used a Atmega168 MCU and a DS1307 RTC to communicate with the WiFi module as the initial requirement was that the board should be able to set ON / OFF schedules for every single Relay. The WiFi to serial module assures the WIFI to Serial connectivity and the ATMEGA168 MCU runs a port of the FreeModbus protocol stack that assures control and monitoring of the 5 Relays.

Below is a Block Diagram that shows the actual nodes and interfaces of the Irdroid Wifi Relay board

Irdroid WiFi Relay Board Diagram



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