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Playing with Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield for Arduino

Irdroino IR Shield for Arduino

Irdroino IR Shield for Arduino

Playing with Arduino for controlling your IR controlled Robot, your TV or just to adjust your Air conditioner temperature setting had always been Fun  !  The Irdroino shield is a good start if you want to start experimenting with Infrared (IR) remote control on Arduino. The Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield has a high quality Infrared Receiver IC that support wide range of IR carrier frequencies, and it provides almost universal infrared reception in the range between 36 and 40 Khz. The Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield is a open source hardware and open source software project. All the production files, schematics and Documentation is available for free from Irdroid’s GitHub repository

The unit is equipped also with 2 powerful IR LEDs that provide a wide infrared transmit angle and also IR light amplification. The Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield for Arduino is specially designed for Arduino but it can also be used for any of the Arduino-like boards such as the Olimex Olimexino 328. The Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield has two buttons that are used to switch between transmission of IR / Reception of IR (IR Learning) when used with the Demo application. The unit is designed with long headers so that when you attach it to your Arduino it will expose all Arduino pins on its female pin headers.


The Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield comes with a demo Open Source Software Application that will allow you to record and then reproduce infrared signals from your favorite remote control. The Application is free and open source and it can be downloaded from the Irdroid’s GitHub repository mentioned above.

Below is a short video , that demonstrates how to use the Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield with your Arduino, to control a TV Set with the Open Source Software Demo application that comes with the unit.




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