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Multi-Room Infrared Extender solution

multi room ir extender option

In this Blog post we will share our experience with multi-room infrared remote control solutions.

When a multi-room infrared remote control extender solution is needed? 

In case you are designing a home automation system that needs to be able to control TVs, STBs , music or any other IR controlled equipment in different rooms then you will need a solution for extending the infrared range of your controller IR transmitter and sending the signal wirelessly in different rooms where the ir controlled equipment is situated. The solution is the Multi-Room Infrared Extender, offered by Irdroid.

The Multi-Room Infrared Extender solution not only allows you to send the Infrared Signal wirelessly but it also allows you to split and send the signal in different rooms. In addition to that it provides a 200 Meters wireless range between the transmitter and the receiver.

Another possible application is for big stores, where multiple TVs has to be controlled and switched on or off at once and where the distances are bigger, such as in halls, Malls etc.

How it works?

The minimum system consist of one transmitter and one receiver. The IR signal is captured by the transmitter and converted to wireless signal, that travels toward the receiver and then is converted again in infrared signal. the Irdroid Multi-Room Infrared extender solution can also be configured with 1 Transmitter and multiple Receivers. The receivers are installed in the rooms where the target IR controlled equipment is situated.




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