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Digital Signage IR Development Kit
Irdroid Rpi Enclosure VESA mountingIrdroid Rpi Enclosure VESA mountingIrdroid Rpi Enclosure VESA mounting

Digital Signage Infrared (IR) Development Kit


The Irdroid Digital Signage Development Kit is a fully featured Infrared Transmitter/Receiver and Enclosure Kit for Raspberry Pi that will speed-up your Digital Signage System development and testing. The kit can be purchased with 1, 2 ,3 or 4 IR transmitter cables.

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SKU: 8231.

Product Description




The Irdroid Digital Signage Infrared (IR) Development Kit for Raspberry Pi is a complete Infrared Remote control (Transmitter, Receiver, IR Extension and Enclosure ) system for raspberry Pi that will speed up the development process of your Digital Signage solution by reducing your time-to-market, taking advantage of the open source software and hardware provided by Irdroid.


Kit contents:

  • – Infrared Transceiver Hat for Raspberry Pi
  • – Infrared Extension cable 1.5m
  • – Semi-transparent blue enclosure



  • – Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi / Raspbian
  • – HAT Auto-detection and Auto-configuration
  • – Compatible with LIRC
  • – 1.5m IR Extension cable with 3M sticky pad (for fixing directly on TV/Screen)
  • – 940nm IR LEDs
  • – High quality IR Receiver IC.
  • – VESA Mounting compatible (can be mounted behind any VESA compatible TV/Screen)
  • – From the options above you can choose the number of IR cables (up to four IR extension cables)


The Product / Kit is based on Irdroid-Rpi. Documentation, Schematics, Software and more can be found by following the links below: