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USB Infrared Transceiver kit
USB Infrared Transceiver kitUSB Infrared Transceiver kitUSB Infrared Transceiver kit

USB Infrared Transceiver kit


Use as a Remote control for your computer, scan infrared remotes and store in a lirc.conf file. The USB infrared Tranceiver unit has both transmit and receive functionalities.

Product Description


The USB Infrared Transceiver kit is based on PIC18F2550, it communicates via USB (ACM) with the host system and it will allow you to send and receive infared signals via Winlirc (Windows) or Lirc (Linux). The USB Infrared Transceiver kit has 3 powerful infrared LEDs which increases the IR transmit power and widens the transmit angle ( no need to point the device to the target equipment to be controlled). The Device is designed to get its power via the USB / no external power supply is needed . The module has a embedded infrared receiver module for capturing infrared signals @ 38khz frequency (most standard IR remotes work @ 38khz).



  • High power transmitter with wide IR angle
  • USB connection to the host system
  • Supported by WinLirc and Lirc
  • Plug & Play (Uses CDC-ACM driver)
  • Open source software & hardware


The USB Infrared Transceiver kit works with Winlirc, Lirc and it is part of the Irdroid Wifi unit . The module is powered by the USB bus (5V). The module transmit circuit includes 3 powerful infrared LEDs connected in series. The current flowing through the diodes is constant 100mA. The optical amplifiacation is based on the sum of the optical transmit power mW/Sr of all the three diodes. By using this technique we have increased the transmit range and the transmit angles (this means that the module does not have to be pointed towards the target equipment).


The pic 18F2550 microcontroller is a USB enabled device which is responsible for the transmitter / receiver part of the module, the PC / host communication is via CDC-ACM serial commands. The three infrared diodes are specially positioned one next to other in order to amplify the IR signal and to extend the transmission range. The Infrared receiver IC is located on the PCB bottom side. The Infrared receiver unit is very sensitive and allows adequate IR receiving from a distance of 15 meters.

Product Video: