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Irdroid IoT SmartHub DiY Kit


The Irdroid IoT SmartHub DiY kit is a open source software and open hardware Internet of Things  Wireless 802.11n router that comes pre-flashed with OpenWRT and it can be a great home for your New Home Automation project. The Irdroid IoT SmartHub DiY kit comes unassembled.

SKU: 20981.

Product Description


The Irdroid IoT SmartHub DiY kit is a 802.11n Open Source Software and open Hardware Wireless Home Automation Router, that will allow you to control your RF controlled Home appliances such as power sockets, radio controlled motorized Blinds, Shades and Pergolas, Garage doors. The Irdroid IoT SmartHub can be added to existing installations, where the user already have Radio controlled Home Appliances installed such as Blinds, Shades, Pergolas, Power sockets.



  • – WiFi Control of RF Home Appliances
  • – Cloud Control of RF Home Appliances
  • – Control up to 16 RF Power Sockets
  • – Can be added to existing installations
  • – Developer API available



  • – RT5350F SoC with 32MB, 8MB Flash
  • – WiFi 802.11n Wireless Router
  • – 2x RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • – 1x USB 2.0 Port
  • – 1x I2C interface on a pin-header
  • – 2x UART interfaces on a pin-header



  • – OpenWrt Linux firmware
  • – Luci Web configuration user interface
  • – Crontab for scheduling repetitive tasks
  • – Free Arexim Remote App for Android
  • – Free Irdroid Cloud Remote App for Android


Package Contents:

  • – 1x Irdroid IoT SmartHub main board
  • – 1x Irdroid IoT SmartHub enclosure
  • – 1x Lasercut& Engraved back panel
  • – 4x fitting screws
  • – 1x User’s Manual
  • – 1x 5V 1A DC Power Supply adapter



  • – Free Shipping