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Wifi to infrared adapter

WiFi to Infrared adapter

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The Irdroid Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter (Irdroid WIFI) provides Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity to infrared (IR) devices in a small and slick enclosure that fits in the palm of your hand. It includes both a receiver and emitters to control all of your components.

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Product Description


Wirelessly control infrared devices over a network and the Internet. The WiFi to Infrared adapter (Irdroid WIFI) provides a new level of automation and control flexibility without depending on line of sight, batteries, or flaky wireless protocols like Bluetooth. This product is certified for use with Amote and NFC Remote to provide compatibility with all supported infrared devices for locations with a wireless connection to the localnetwork

The Irdroid wifi device has the latest version of LIRC, running and listening for remote clients @ 8765. The device has its own 1800 mAH battery which keeps the device running for up to 4 hours, or it can be powered continuously via the micro USB port via cable. This functionality combines the mobility of Irdroid v1.0 and the comfort of using wifi to control your infrared enabled devices. The lirc remotes database contains more than 2000 supported remotes / devices and it is constantly updated with new devices and remotes.



  • Universal WIFI  IR remote control for Android and PC
  • Extended remote control range (10+ meters )
  • User frindly remotes database browser
  • Compatibility with many LIRC clients for Android & windows/Linux
  • Wide operating angle (no need to point the device to the TV )
  • KISS design (Keep it simple)
  • Home automation via IR controllable devices.
  • Wifi 802.11n 150mbps Router
  • 1800maH power bank
  • Open source software visit


Supported Apps for Android:

  • Amote – Lirc Client for Android
  • lirc-client – Another Lirc client for Android
  • Irdroid Macro Remote – Lirc client for Android with macro support
  • NFC Remote – Lirc client for Android with NFC support
  • Many PC lirc clients are also supported.


Supported Remote controls (2000+)

Browse Database (2000+)


Read more about Irdroid Wifi and Irdroid USB Tranceiver (Hosted at :





  1. Patched version of Lirc 0.8.7 (Supports USB IR TRX)
  2. Irdroid macro remote (source)
  3. Java lirc library (source)
  4. NFC Remote source




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